Last Year The Nightmare Goes Live in Two Weeks

The incredible minds over at Elastic Games have created the most fun asymmetrical survival game I have played to date, and I only got to play a demo at PAX East 2018.  Similar to games like Dead by Daylight and the newly released multiplayer mode of Hello Neighbor, Last Year the Nightmare tasks a group of survivors escaping a high school from one killer.  Each character has their own set of benefits and each killer has their own set of abilities that can be used in order to thwart the escape.

Last Year The Nightmare is shaping up to be an incredible team based survival game which should implement well into this current state of live streaming.  Keep your eyes out to catch Chris P and I doing some late night streams and we may try to get some solid community streams going.  If you are at all interested in Last Year The Nightmare, make sure to check the game out on Twitter , and Discord .  Last Year The Nightmare hits the Discord Store December 18th.

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