Stop Acting Like You Care About Fortnite “Stealing” Dances

Let me preface this whole thing by saying that I absolutely believe that someone should get paid for their work. I consider myself a “creator of things” in a multitude of ways, from write-ups like this, to merch on our store (some heat on there by the way), to the production of Not Another Gaming Podcast, et cetera. Would I be furious if a huge company, one that’s objectively on top of the world right now, profited off a joke, dance, quote, phrase, or something that I popularized? Absolutely. What I wouldn’t endorse, however, is a legion of know-nothing Twitter eggs coming to my defense for the wrong reasons. If I haven’t lost you yet, then by all means keep reading.

In the past few weeks, we’ve now seen three different people come forward to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon against Epic Games’ Fortnite. One-hit rap wonder 2 Milly led the charge, followed soon after by Alfonso Ribeiro. Now, meme-turned-elementary school dance influencer “Backpack Kid” has jumped on the bandwagon. All three are represented by the same law firm.

Currently, there’s a fucking flood of people pretending to care about the creative rights and bank accounts of rappers, actors, and 15-minute internet memes that they normally would cock their head to the side and say “who?” if asked about. The underlying outrage here isn’t an outrage at all, and is just a shitty knee-jerk reaction in wanting to see someone or something popular generate bad press, fail, flounder, or otherwise be taken down a peg. Simply because they’re sick of hearing about it or don’t like it.

And hey! That’s a recurring theme this year, unfortunately. The “I don’t like THING” crowd has found a nice, cozy niche in the gaming genre, where fake outrage and controversy can be drummed up in mere seconds if anyone or anything dares fly high enough. It sucks, but it’s our reality.

You don’t necessarily have to agree with me – that’s the beauty of this whole thing. But if you’re all of a sudden going to pretend to be the standard-bearer for patent, copyright, or intellectual property law on Al Gore’s internet just because you don’t like Fortnite – then you’ve got a long crusade ahead of you.

(Psst… Just wait til they find out about these dances showing up in movies, television, Destiny, Madden, 2K, NFL players, and even cafeterias.)

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