Hackers Will Be the Death of Warzone if Nothing is Done

Infinity Ward put out a post saying that over 50,000 cheaters have been banned from Warzone since launch, on March 10. And also went out to give a snapshot of their process with cheaters.

And only a few days later, yesterday, Keemstar hosted his weekly Warzone Wednesday. And pros were getting fucked left and right for the $20k prize.
DM to Keem

And there’s probably a shit ton of other players complaining, but you get the point.

I’m not going to take away how good Warzone is. It’s probably my favorite BR that I’ve ever played. And I know that’s a huge statement, but I genuinely mean it. I’m still playing it regardless of the bullshit. That’s how you know. But there are two things that get me fucking furious. And it’s the servers, and the cheaters. 12 tick rate on a triple AAA game. We have Counter-Strike, a 75 year old game with 64 tick on public servers. And the cherry on top is I get lag spikes in 80% of my games – and I know it’s not my internet. I just upgraded it to test that.

Now for the hackers. We neeeeed an anti-cheat of some sort. It’s 2020 for fuck sake. And if there is going to be manual reviews, do the CSGO Overwatch system. Give credible people within the CoD community the ability to go in and review too and not just a designated team at HQ. It’ll save time on the turn around on these bans and also create more content around the game. Because at this pace, the hackers are only going to increase. A free to play game. You can just get banned, create a new account and get back to hacking your balls off. And now we have these huge tournaments that they’re starting to sabotage.

Something has to be done, it’s ruining the experience for everyone. And it’ll inevitably leave a bad taste in peoples mouth about the game.

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