Generation Incapable Of Going 31 Seconds Without Complaining About Something Is Furious About Ed Sheeran’s “Game of Thrones” Cameo

In case you missed it, Ed Sheeran temporarily deleted his Twitter account following some serious backlash about his Game of Thrones cameo this past Sunday. Just when I thought – “Hey, Game of Thrones is back today. Maybe I can tune out the constant bitching and complaining about every single insignificant fucking thing on the face of this Earth from the ungrateful mouth breathers I’m ashamed to say I share a generation with and enjoy one of my favorite television programs of all time.” Of course, as it turns out, I was completely wrong – because Twitter got so butthurt, so assmad, so rectally pained that Ed Sheeran had a cameo on Season 7’s premiere episode – “Dragonstone” – that the guy ended up having to delete his fucking Twitter account.

Now, Ed ended up reactivating the account at some point today, but like… Really? This is the hill we’re gonna die on, folks? Reeeeeeeeallly?

Ed Sheeran isn’t the first – and won’t be the last – celebrity who decides to delete or deactivate a social media account of theirs because they let the hate get under their skin, but the fact that people are this mad about his Game of Thrones cameo – a cameo that involved just TWO fucking lines (“It’s a new one”, in reference to a song that Arya hears him singing, and “Worst place in the world”, about King’s Landing), reaches another level, another stratosphere, another REALITY of whininess that simply can’t go unaddressed. Like, holy shit, you guys. Holy shit.

One of the Co-showrunners, David Benioff, mentioned way back before the season started that Sheeran would have a brief cameo in an episode, because Maisie Williams is a big fan of his, and they wanted to surprise her. See how sweet of a gesture that was? And all you fucking neanderthals with GIGANTIC loads in your pants that whined and cried about his cameo on the show knocked the wind right out of it. Unreal.

Personally? I don’t think Ed Sheeran’s cameo was bad at all. Obviously it was kinda jarring, but his voice is awesome and they had him singing a song around a campfire with some Lannister soldiers. Every goddamn scene in the Game of Thrones series that involves new songs, chants, rhymes, or poems is incredible, and that scene was no different. But you dickheads ruined it, and now Ed Sheeran – Arya Stark’s crush – is sad. Way to go guys, way to go.

Game of Thrones season 7 continues next Sunday, and I personally hope to god that Ed Sheeran cameos again, and rides and sings and yaps the WHOOOOOOOLE way with Arya to King’s Landing. God I can’t believe I had to write this blog.

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