MLB Files To Delay Overwatch League Logo Patent Because It Looks Too Similar To Theirs

According to law firm Morrison / Lee, the folks over at MLB HQ aren’t thrilled with the appearance of Blizzard’s Overwatch League logo (pictured in the header image above), and claim it’s too similar to their own.

Once approved, the Overwatch League logo was included in a circulation of the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Official Gazette, a publication that enables any company who feels like a patent/image is harmful or creates conflict for their clientele to file an opposition to the trademark, or a request for more time to file the opposition to the trademark – halting the process for the party being opposed. If neither of these requests are filed, or if the opposition (the MLB, in this instance) has their request denied, the trademark application moves on without further issue. After the Overwatch League’s logo was published on March 28th, Major League Baseball requested an extension to oppose the logo and trademark. As everybody knows, this is an absolute outrage and it’s unacceptable for Overwatch League’s logo to be so similar to the MLB. I mean, shit, you could confuse the fans!


Wait what? Oh yeah, I forgot, almost every logo in major and minor American sports apes each other. The white silhouette of an athlete with a red and blue background has been around for ages, and this is the first time I’m seeing any major sports league take issue with it. Could this stink be elevated possibly because a streaming division owned by the MLB just cut a $300 million check to broadcast League of Legends tournaments? Are they trying to pump the breaks on the competition seeing how rapidly Overwatch is rising in the eSports limelight? Or is this just your textbook American overreaction?

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