Xbox x Jordan Collab Revealed A Little Early

The internet was scratching their heads yesterday when Xbox dropped a tweet about a collaboration with Jordan that was supposed to be announced on February 13th. But it looks like we’re getting a little more info. Well we think so. Because no one has any idea how this leak came to the light.

And before the internet could even stir up their guesses about what could possibly going on, a video was posted on Twitter today that potentially leaked the details. Looks like we’ll be getting a package with Air Jordan 3 Red Cements, and two matching controllers to compliment a special edition Jumpman console.

I don’t know what to think. It’s a collaboration that I feel like was inevitable since esports is trending towards streetwear. From 100 Thieves’ highly anticipated drops, resembling Supreme, to Overwatch League teaming up with Jeff Staple, and even Puma throwing their hat (or socks) into the ring with gamer shoes.. The space is starting to pull in some pretty big names. The money is there. So it only makes sense for Nike to throw their hat in the ring again. Nope this isn’t the first time. In 2018 Xbox Air Jordan’s were revealed at E3 and are now trading on StockX for a hefty amount of dough. These limited edition drops have sneakerheads drooling over them, and these things will sell like hot cakes. But that’s what I think. I haven’t bought new shoes in years. I still wear socks and sandals as a 25 year old.

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