All Competitive Call of Duty Players Are On Adderall

Former Cod Pro Adam “KiLLa” Sloss got on an interview with the Washington Post and sang like a bird. Saying that everyone in the scene is taking Adderall and “nobody talks about it because everyone is on it.. It’s a major problem.” KiLLa also said that it was a big reason why he stopped competing in early 2019 because he couldn’t keep up.

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This is an argument that has been being talked about forever in esports and I’m guessing this is going to be a tipping point that makes things more strict within all leagues. The OWL already has policies in place about performance enhancing drugs, and how they’re only to be taken if they’re prescribed to you to treat a condition, also known as, ADD.

Let me, hypothetically, speak from the shoes of someone who has taken Adderall and enjoys it. Hypothetically. You can focus harder than you ever thought you could, but be careful.. Because that focus can be wasted on Facebook or YouTube if you don’t focus up on the task at hand before the enhanced focus kicks in. You are able to get through those late night projects and Golden Buzzer videos because you can’t sleep if you take it too late, and it gets you in really good shape because you cannot for the death of you get hungry.

I’m not here to condone taking anything. I’m just hear to explain what the pill does to you. I can see how it can help you focus more in game, but you know what else can give you laser focus? A good nights sleep, a nice meal, a couple glasses of water, and just being fucking ready to play. Quitting competing because people take Adderall is softer than baby shit, and then getting on The Washington Post and ratting everyone out is a wild move.

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