Project Moon: First Details Revealed For Dr. Disrespect & Midnight Society’s First Game

In a blog posted earlier today, Midnight Society has finally given us some concrete details on what exactly “Project Moon” (their flagship title) is going to look like.

The new AAA studio, which is comprised of Dr. Disrespect and a number game devs and industry figures, each with absolutely stacked resumes, has dubbed Project Moon as a “VES” or “vertical extraction shooter”. In the aforementioned blog, Midnight Society claims that their high-level gameplay goals are to “capture the essence of arena shooter level design with the scale and scope of battle royale player counts, and the session-to-session gameplay mechanics of extraction-based shooters”. That’s a big game dev word salad right there, but it seems mighty tasty nonetheless.

Concept art, via Midnight Society.

This “AAA competitive PvPvE first-person shooter” will continue to grow, and Midnight Society promises to keep founders in the loop with new playable “Snapshot builds” every six weeks, each of which will be focused around a specific development milestone and mechanic. Midnight Society is looking for feedback at specific points of each Snapshot, which I presume will help them to digest and implement player feedback without getting the team bogged down or pulling them in hundreds of thousands of directions.

The very first Snapshot build will involve some shooting ranges and target practice, but there is no set date on when exactly it’ll be available. Midnight Society is hosting their very first in-person Founders Event at the end of this month in Los Angeles, however, so it’s safe to assume that more details will become available then.

For more details, you can check out Midnight Society on DiscordTwitter, and Instagram.

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