Boston Academy’s ‘Ghosty’ is Putting On A Trash Talk Master Class at the Breach Challengers Event

Boston Breach’s Challengers event is well underway, and teams from all over the world have gathered at Oxygen Esports HQ to battle for a share of a FAT $75,000 prize pool and some unreal trophies.

In order to take home the top spot, however, they’re gonna have to get through Boston Academy first. And you better believe that University of Illinois product Dan “Ghosty” Rothe isn’t letting anyone forget it.

Ghosty is the definition of a guy you absolutely do not want to lose to. If I know I’m going up against Boston Academy, I’m already dreading hearing from him. I’m telling my teammates “I cannot lose to this guy”, because someone eviscerating me like that verbally after the game is gonna haunt my fucking dreams.

Absolutely love Censor getting in on the action as well, and also stepping in to pat Ghosty on the back and get him back into focus so the team can keep rolling. That’s the type of veteran presence you want on your side, the type of player that’s going to celebrate with you but also be there to help the guys keep a level head and not get too loose before the job is done.

As one might expect, there’s going to be some geeks, Twitter bots, and people who don’t understand esports complaining about this and completely missing the point. The same guys who scream over cornhole, beer pong, and at athletes through a TV complain about an actual professional – competing for money by the way – unleashing their passion and competitive nature after a victory. Makes total sense.

It’s alright for people to not get it, as esports – relatively speaking – is still in its infancy when you compare it to the most popular sports on earth. The thing is though, every single one of those “traditional sports” has a trash talk element as well, so why can’t Call of Duty?

Keep screaming on ’em, Ghosty. Boston is a city of world-class shit talkers, and we’re happy to have you as the standard bearer to continue that tradition in the esports world.

If you’re at the Breach Challengers event tomorrow, look out for your boy – I’ll be live from the event floor interviewing the people, the players, and everyone else in between. See you there!

Author’s Note – Big shoutout to WGG Co-Founder and Oxygen Esports’ Director of Content Chris P. for capturing all these absolutely electrifying videos.

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