G4 Revival: Gone But Never Forgotten

A little over 2 years ago one of the greatest TV channels to ever grace our screens was put to rest.  Let’s all take a moment of silence and pour out a cold Coors Lite in memory of G4.

If you did not know, G4 was that hidden gem for nerds and gamers like myself, my colleagues, and the majority of you who access our site.  They had the best possible combination of shows and hosts for late teen sex deprived people of my nerd caliber.  Hilarious and likeable hosts like Adam Sessler and Kevin Perriera made X-Play and Attack of the Show staples in my highschool years.  Smoking hot lady nerds like Morgan Webb, Olivia Munn, and Sara Underwood solidified my direct attachment and engagement every day…like I said, I was 15-18 when I was watching G4.

Anyway, the channel hosted some of the best nerd shows of our generation.  The 2 major ones being X-Play and Attack of the Show, but there were so many more.  G4 single handedly brought American Ninja Warrior stateside.  Yup before 2014 the most notable channel to watch people eat shit through ridiculous treacherous courses was G4.  Proving Grounds was one of Ryan Dunn’s last projects and the show ceased production right after his tragedy.  It was a great Mythbustersesque show that put nerd mysteries to the test.  Cinematech, Arena, and Code Monkeys ruled for some of the earlier years of G4’s second generation and one of the greatest things to come from G4 in my opinion was a huge propulsion forward for Chris Hardwick.  WebSoup was the geek version of Tosh.0 and after several layoffs and departures, Hardwick stepped up to fill in for the closing months.  Hats off to you Chris Hardwick, because I will never forget those last few months of this beloved channel.  You made it seem like the closure was a send off, to meet again sometime in the future, and not the death of a network.

On the note of death…let me talk a little about why I think there is a shot some of these shows make a comeback, and how.  First of all, I have no doubt that the Nerd Royal Family of Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira, Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, and Kevin Perriera could make it happen…with some backup of course.  I think they all join powers together to revive some of the titular shows, say fuck other networks and get some serious backing from…………..Netflix.   Yes you heard me right, I said Netflix.  In my opinion I think if Netflix ever wanted to even attempt to compete with cable television it would all start with some form of live daily news formats.  Think about it.  What is the only thing Netflix doesn;t have right now besides Live Sports?  It’s live news.  I’m predicting at some point in the near future, Netflix will try to make this venture into some sort of live programming, all starting with news.  Depending on the outcome, I think the best possible place to revive Attack of the Show or X-Play would undoubtedly be Netflix.  Please I am begging you all…make this happen.

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