Dosia is BACK! Mustang Crew Roster Announced

For those who don’t know the Counter Strike legend that is Dosia please feel free to watch this highlight reel and get yourself acquainted.

Dosia aka Dosia God, aka x God, aka Sex God played his career through, Astana Dragons, HellRaisers and most notably Gambit. The legend that is Dosia has earned himself 2 MVPs as well as major championship win at the PGL Krakow Major in 2017. After a short stint in OneThree that ended due to the current pandemic, Dosia stated, “I think at some point every experienced player starts thinking about creating a team,”. It makes sense a seasoned veteran like himself would want to build something from the ground up especially seeing as though he still has the drive to compete at 31.

Dosia made it official yesterday with the Mustang Crew announcement video which may go down in history as THE GREATEST announcement video of all time. Even though it was dropped on April Fool’s Day, I think it is safe to say Mustang Crew led by Dosia is legit. We see the CIS roster being filled out with hutji, fabi, Wierd_1k, and la3euka. I couldn’t possibly begin to tell you if any important information was said in the announcement video because I’m pretty sure it’s all Russian, but if you can watch that and not be hyped than you have your own set of problems. Mustang Crew made their first appearance today at LOOT.BET Seaon 6 Qualifiers losing 2-0 to BLUEJAYs, but have the possibility to battle back in the losers bracket against Singularity.

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