Gemhammer & Sons Gaming Wants To Give You Free Shit, Go Get It

Recently, the good folks over at Gemhammer & Sons Gaming have been talking on their podcast about reskinning character classes from D&D 5th Edition. They talked about making “fluff” changes to classes to work better with the players’ chosen backstory such as a Bard being more of a Jester, a Beast Master Ranger actually being a Lion Tamer, and other things that may change the names of the classes (and abilities), but don’t functionally or mechanically alter the way the classes play.

Players have been doing this since the dawn of D&D, and as it turns out, now you can win some shit for being creative. That’s right, those two handsome geniuses are actually holding a contest on this very subject, and the deadline (October 15th, 2016) is right around the corner.


All you have to do is pick a class from the D&D 5th Edition players handbook, and re-skin it. Don’t mechanically fuck with anything, just alter the way the class sounds and feels. It’s like the movie cinematic classic Face/Off. What if your totem barbarian was actually a shaman? What if your Warlock was actually a witch? The only limit is how creative you can possibly be – and if we know our readers (and we don’t, because you guys don’t ever comment on jack shit) – we assume you can be pretty creative. Your silence says it all.

The most imaginative re-skinned class is gonna win a Deck of Many Things Art Deck (all the art with none of the spell text), a Cure Wounds Lite T-Shirt from the Gemhammer shop, and another “super secret” surprise that will only be revealed to the winner. Who knows, it could be $100. It probably isn’t, but how are you gonna know if you don’t enter? Ex-fuckin’-zactly.

For more info on how to actually enter the contest, go visit the Gemhammer guys right here, and if you wanna bitch to us on the internet, follow us on Twitter at @WickedGoodGames.


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