Red Bull Untapped Returns To MTG Arena, Gives Players A Chance To Compete In 2021 Majors


Wizards of the Coast has announced that Red Bull Untapped is on once again on for 2020. The MTG Arena competition will offer 16 qualifiers worldwide, as well as a November final, that will net one tough badass a seat at a 2021 MTG major, and a bunch of cash.

Applications for the Qualifiers will open soon over at, and the first six qualifiers start on May 16th. The competition boasts a $200,000 prize pool. WotC’s dedication to a grassroots seeding to MTG majors via Arena has been a hallmark of the game’s design since launch.

Once the dust settles in the Untapped finals, one remaining player will net a seat at a 2021 MTG major, and take home the lion’s share of a $75,000 prize pool. Top-four finishers of the qualifiers each can take home a piece of a $5,000 prize pool, and of course – in-game gems and booster packs.

While Red Bull Untapped may look enticing to enter due to its lack of entry fee, there’s no doubt the competition will be stiff. Magic Pro League players, streamers, and other pros have already been invited to compete in the tournament, per Dot Esports. Little do they know, I’m not locked in there with them – they’re locked in there with me.

You might be thinking to yourself, Dom, you just figured out how to play Magic like a month ago, wouldn’t it be stupid to throw your hat in the ring with pros who have been playing their entire lives? Listen. Let me tell you this. A liquor store clerk once told me “Great moments are born from great opportunity”. And I don’t plan to let that guy down. I’ll see you in the finals, baby.


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