Capcom Rolls Out Massive Raises For Employees, Bonuses Based On Company Performance

Yesterday, via an investor relations statement on Capcom’s website, the legendary gaming giant that it will implement a new 30% raise for employee base salaries across the board, and begin to roll out bonuses based on the company’s performance.

Beginning with the 2022 fiscal year, Capcom will partially revise its compensation system. This will consist of an average base salary increase of 30% (includes the portion for pay raises) and the introduction of a bonus system more closely linked to the company’s business performance. Further, Capcom will continue to enhance its employee performance review and training systems going forward.

Capcom Promotes Strategic Investment in Personnel to Bolster Sustainable Corporate Value,

Capcom is also doubling down on making sure their teams aren’t just paid well – but are happy and healthy while working. That very same statement also revealed that the company’s R&D Human Resources, Health and Productivity Management, People Strategy, Human Resources departments will be reorganized work under a new Chief Human Resources Officer – which Capcom promises will “work to bolster productivity by further providing a comfortable workplace environment for employees and driving forward its personnel acquisition and training activities”.

Capcom has been dropping some bangers in the last year, and it’s no secret that their profits have been reflecting that. The fact that Capcom is turning around and making sure all of their employees are reaping the benefits as well is a beautiful thing to see, and I can only hope that other big companies will follow suit in an effort to make the games industry a more equitable, profitable, and enjoyable place to work.

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