BREAKING: Nintendo Switch OLED Model To Release On October 8th

I’m on vacation, dammit.

I get back from a brisk run (congrats on the athleticism, I know), I’m sweating my ass off, and a ping hits my phone. Nintendo press release (congrats on the press list, I know, we’re big time now). I don’t even have my laptop with me, so the wife tosses me hers. It’s exactly what we practiced for. The Nintendo Switch OLED is officially coming.

There’s no definitive word on whether or not this is the rumored “Nintendo Switch Pro” (or Super Nintendo Switch), which was supposed to have an OLED display. This model, however, doesn’t seem to have any sort of real horsepower increase, just a nicer screen and some additional bells and whistles – like an adjustable dock, and “enhanced audio”.

I’m sure more details are forthcoming, but $50 extra for a significantly better display, enhanced audio, and some other perks isn’t bad at all. I was half expecting the next Switch to clock in at $400.

What do you think of this new model? Everything you were hoping for, or does it still come up short in this console generation? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments right here.

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