Mad Bells Week Ending 5/2: Stick To The Fundamentals

Welcome back to Mad Bells, folks. We’re a few weeks into ACNH’s Stalk Market, and we here at WGG Global Turnip Investors HQ are working tirelessly to make you some money during these uncertain times. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

The Word Is Out

It’s been a few weeks since launch, and the Stalk Market has grown incredibly quickly. We’ve got Twitter accounts, Discord servers, and whole websites dedicated to the Turnip trading game, and – in short – people are starting to wise up.

What I’m saying here is that you need to be shrewd with your Turnip sales, and always have more than one method in the works. Like I said a few weeks ago, the market is flooded with opportunities to sell right now – so don’t get yourself bamboozled by some asshat asking for 990,000 Bells just to take a trip to his island and sell Turnips. There are other options.

Dom – Rangoon Island

This week was a weird one. With my house paid off completely, and villagers starting to flock to my island, I knew I needed an infusion of cash, but it wasn’t super urgent. Last week I went a little overboard and bought two whole pocket-fulls of Turnips (80~ stacks, so probably 8,000+ Turnips), and found myself in a dilemma where I had to make multiple trips. Options started dwindling, but I still made out like a bandit.

This week, knowing my nest egg is safe and comfortable (I came in with over 2M in Bells in my ABD account), I decided to reduce my purchase to 39 stacks, so I could use the 40th inventory slot to keep a tip on hand (like a stack of NMTs or a Gold Nugget – read below). I made out with over 2.4M in profits again this week, and will probably use this approach as a template moving forward.

Chris – Pen Island

Pen Island is in shambles and my villagers hate me. I’ve been so consumed with playing other games and starting my anime journey, that I’ve neglected Pen Island. I booted the game up yesterday for the first time since last week and there is trash everywhere, weeds, bees nests, it’s just a scary sight. But, like I said last week.. Your boy has employees now. AKA my little sister. So she surprised me by letting me know that she scooped up 100 turnips, Sunday, at 96 bells. Sold on Thursday for 652 bells thanks to some good ol Twitter hunting. Paid her her cut, and walked away with a smooth 45k via mail.

The moral of the story here, is stick to the fundamentals. Don’t get fleeced on your Turnip trips. I’ve yet to pay out more than 3 Nook Miles Tickets or 1 single Gold Nugget per trip, and that was for islands who had over 580-600+ values for Turnips.

Long story short, kids – keep your head on a swivel, and keep your shirt on your back.

Papa Dom

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