Steam Hits Record Concurrent User Count of 22M+ As Gamers Practice (Continue) Staying Inside Playing Video Games

The king launcher, Steam, has hit a new record for concurrent users. Weighing in with the big boy number of 22,678,529 plays online at once. This took place yesterday, March 22, mid morning. The top three games at the record peak were Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Football Manager 2020 (people must really miss sports). CSGO and Dota 2 are Steam’s top tier free-to-play games. I mean hell, CSGO is breaking player records still and just did with 1,102,067 concurrent players only yesterday.

photo via Steamdb
CSGO numbers yesterday via Steamdb

Just stay inside and play video games like the rest of these 22M players. And that isn’t even including the millions that are logging into the billion other launchers that are out there. Let me tell you one thing, when this whole pandemic is said and done, the gamers can say they did their part. Look at these mother fuckers (including me) that aren’t leaving the house and are just playing the vidya gamez. We aren’t doing anything wrong. Couple snacks, few beers, and just video games. Social distancing has been engaged for the past decade baby. We’re made for this.

Congrats on the record Steam. You’re the most bulletproof launcher and application that I have ever had on my computer. And thank you to the people playing video games for not going outside, and for giving me something to write about during the most boring time ever.

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