We’ve Got Our First Podcast Guest This Week And It’s Sure To Be Interesting

If you pay attention to our Twitter, you already know we’ve got a great guest lined up for you this week on Not Another Gaming Podcast. If you don’t (although you should), here it is again:

That’s right, we’ve got chef/cat enthusiast/future doctor/outrageous Michigan accent-haver Strwbryshrtkait with us live on-air on the podcast this Friday. This is a pretty big deal. If you don’t know who Kate is – that’s fine. You’ll figure it out when you listen to the podcast (available now on iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn Radio, Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets, fucking everywhere – seriously). But the biggest part about this is that it’s only the beginning. We’ve got six or seven great guests lined up for Not Another Gaming Podcast already, and the list is only gonna get bigger from here.

As far as how this podcast is gonna go remains to be seen. Chris, Rob and myself have known each other for a while, and we know how we talk (like morons). But Kate (and every other guest) invites a different dynamic. We’re gonna let guests pick their own topics and just drop them on us live on-air. We’ll have zero prep time. That’s the Wicked Good Gaming difference. This is what’s worth the ($0.00) price of admission. Hopefully it’s a good topic. Kate’s in med school so I’m sure she’s got a fucking doozy up her sleeve. But we’ll see. Pay attention to the Twitter (@WickedGoodGames) or iTunes this Friday and wait for the drop – it’ll be up around 9AM Eastern.

What guests do you want to see on the podcast? Hit us up and let us know.

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