Forza Horizon 5 Hardware Specs Announced

Microsoft recently updated and announced the recommended PC hardware specs for it’s latest installment in the Forza Horizon series. Those meeting the ideal specs will be treated to “a vast array of graphics settings to tweak and adjust the experience as you see fit.” Framerates can be unlocked and 21:9 ultrawide displays are also natively supported for “further immersion.” Forzavista was also updated to support raytracing bringing extreme levels of realism to the cars.

By introducing all-new powerful graphical features, Forza Horizon 5 on PC renders every detail throughout the world with stunning realism, down to the tiniest features like the light that glows through each needle on a Cholla cactus.

Alan Walsh, Forza Motorsport

Support for the three leading racing peripheral makers are also included out of the box:

  • Logitech: Driving Force, G25, G27, G29, G920, G923PS, G923XB, Momo
  • Thrustmaster: Ferrari 458, T150 RS, T300 RS, T500 RS, TMX, T-GT, TS-XW, TX, TX-PC
  • Fanatec: V1, V2, V2.5, CSL, CSL DD, DD1, DD2, Universal HUB Device

With regards to the game’s upcoming release, Microsoft promises that “Forza Horizon 5 will look and play fantastic across a wide range of Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC hardware configurations, no matter your gaming setup.” Although minimum specifications have been updated from previous estimates found on the Microsoft Store and Steam, Microsoft really appears to be attempting to deliver the game to as wide an audience as possible. We’ll see just how well this holds up when I download the game onto my current baked potato of a rig.

However, this approach to inclusive gaming gives me a significant amount of hope. As I’m currently saving for a new build, the fact that a major publisher is acknowledging that not everyone has access or the financial ability to always have the latest and greatest hardware is very refreshing. I’m actually excited that I have a chance to play this game on my current PC and look forward to upgrading to see just how much better the experience can be. Extending support for games across different generations really helps to widen the player-base and increase the longevity of the game. Microsoft is making a good move here and I hope the trend continues.

That’s a real nice set of pipes!

Bonus: Xbox Wireless Controller haptic feedback now works on the Steam release (a franchise first)


99.9% likely to be found with a beer in one hand and a controller in the other.

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