Head Into The Weekend With Norm MacDonald, Pokémon Trainer

Norm MacDonald was absolutely brilliant, and was truly one of a kind. We all know that. But did you know that he was also a Pokémon Trainer?

Since his passing, I’ve been watching tons of old Norm bits, stand up classics, interviews, and the like. So much so, that my entire YouTube algorithm gives me a new Norm video basically every day. I’ve watched so much Norm content that I’m even now getting recommendations from his late 90’s sitcom, Norm.

In this particular moment from the show (which feels like a fever dream), the late great comedian engages in a Pokémon battle.

I basically sat with my jaw on the floor this entire sketch. Not only did this brilliant, magnificent bastard pronounce Pokémon correctly, but this entire bit just screams “someone did their research” from top to bottom. Out of all the parodies and skits we’ve seen over the decades about Pokémon, somehow this one is the most accurate by a mile.

According to the audio commentary from this episode, Norm said that his son watched Pokémon, so they thought it would be funny to do a parody of it for the show. Given that this was released around 1999, I’m sure the cable networks were more than happy to cash in on the height of the Pokémon craze as well.

RIP Norm, thanks for all the laughs and everything you gave us while you were here.

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