Twitch Streamer Amouranth Got The Boot From Bed Bath and Beyond For IRL Streaming There as a French Maid

Streamer, Amouranth, decided to crank things up a bit and go IRL stream at department stores. Starting with IKEA and Walmart before going to Bed Bath and Beyond where ultimately got the boot.

via Dexerto
via Dexerto

There aren’t many things I hate more in the world than IRL streamers. Just imagine being in front of someone at a crowded mall who has their head down on there phone. Miserable and you do everything in your power to snake them. But with streaming, your head is down and you’re reading chat and entertaining people, – which most of the time makes people think has to be done by being extremely loud and obnoxious. I witnessed this first hand at PAX East in 2017. I was sitting at the bar after covering the convention, aking a few cold daddy’s for a ride, and in comes a group of IRL streamers causing a ruckus and making me want to snap. It’s inconsiderate.

But now this is a whole other level. Going to department stores wearing a french maid outfit, and pretending the clean the store. Yea it sounds funny, but in reality it’s not. Old women are gallivanting the store looking for home goods, and in comes a free lance french maid who is also a grown adult.

Imagine being the camera operator here? I don’t think i’d be able to accept any amount of money for the second hand embarrassment i’d get.

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