How About Jukeyz Getting the Blood Pumping During a $100K Warzone Tourney

Yesterday, OpTic hosted a Trios Warzone Tournament with $200,000 on the line, and former World Series of Warzone champion Jukeyz knew exactly what he needed to do to make sure the blood was pumping and the neurons were firing before diving into his next game.

Unreal. This is a competitor, ladies and gentlemen. This is why he won 1.2 mil alongside teammate Lenun who originally captured this clip. There’s an old rumor that pre-game sex can impact your athletic performance, which is exactly why Jukeyz limited himself to watching Novaruu dressed as a reindeer in lingerie so that he could stay locked in while still getting the blood flowing and the brain cells firing. It’s simple math here folks, and I don’t expect you to understand if you haven’t played for a milly on the line in a Warzone tourney before. Jukeyz is just different and this is why. The Liverpool native slid into Novaruu’s chat, where she seemed very excited to see him and asked if he was winning. He dropped a sly – “I always win love, see ya in a bit” and dipped out. Generational rizz.

Even better was his reaction to chat telling him that he was caught in 4K on the main Warzone broadcast:

They say all’s fair in love and war, and I assume that also applies to lingerie streams and Warzone. GG’s Jukeyz, YNWA.

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