Man Known As ‘Florida Joker’ Wants 2 Million Dollars From Rockstar For His Likeness in GTA 6 Trailer

Grand Theft Auto is no stranger to lampooning real-life people, places, brands, and viral moments. Look no further than the reveal trailer for GTA 6, where it basically is a montage of insanely strange viral moments from real-life Florida residents over the last few years, mashed up and set to a classic Tom Petty song.

One of the figures in the trailer who (allegedly) was parodied, is one Lawrence Sullivan – also known as Florida Joker. He’s pretty pissed that his likeness is clearly being parodied in the GTA 6 trailer, and now is threatening legal action against Rockstar unless he gets paid.

On one hand, you’ve gotta admit that the character in that trailer is 100% supposed to be this Florida Joker guy. On the other hand, I can totally see Rockstar having already anticipated this, and I’m sure they aren’t concerned about a lawsuit actually holding up in court.

On top of that, Roger Clark (voice of Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2) has chimed in on a now-deleted Tik Tok (that the internet has luckily already snagged and re-posted everywhere) seems to know something we don’t… Saying “capitalize on this notoriety” instead of bothering with a lawsuit, because it definitely won’t get anywhere.

There’s been numerous voice actors who have starred in Rockstar Games in the past who have voiced their experiences with the company, how they work, and how in-control they are of the content they put into the game… So I’m with Mr. Morgan on this one, sadly it does not seem like Rockstar is scared of any lawsuit whatsoever.

That being said, Rockstar could throw Mr. J a bone here and bring him in for a few voice lines or something, that way, everyone wins.

Wishing you the best, Florida Joker – maybe they’ll at least send you a free copy of the game.

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