Halo Infinite Creative Lead Shares Touching Letter to Fans on Launch Day

It’s no secret that Halo Infinite’s development cycle has been absolute hell.

From the numerous departures 343 saw during the game’s development, to the botched initial announcement trailer that had fans (like myself) panicking and in denial, to Halo Infinite being the most pushed-back title in the franchise… Things weren’t looking up for a very, very long time for Spartan 117. 343 Industries is well aware of this, however, and Creative Lead Joe Staten has been incredibly outspoken throughout the entire process, sharing his vision for the game with fans. Yesterday, upon the release of the highly-anticipated return of Master Chief – Staten released this statement on behalf of the 343 team.

Damn I’m crying in the Warthog right now.

In an article for Bloomberg which also dropped yesterday, the Halo team’s struggles over the last few years are laid bare – detailing how at one point it seemed as though they were working on “five different titles at once” and how Joe Staten’s arrival truly course corrected an otherwise doomed production cycle.

Luckily, today, Halo Infinite is fantastic. I spent a few hours with the game yesterday on launch, and cannot wait to dig in further today. The visuals are striking, the emotional tone of the game is unlike anything else we’ve seen in Halo before, and the entire open world experience on Zeta Halo thus far has been absolutely captivating. In CNET’s review of Halo Infinite, author Mark Serrels says “Halo Infinite can’t just be another Halo. It needs to be the Halo that exists in your imagination. And incredibly, against all odds, it pretty much is.”

And he’s absolutely right. Thanks for everything, 343.

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