Tony Hawk Pro Skater is Getting Its Own Documentary

Former Neversoft producer Ralph D’Amato joined forces with Swedish filmmaker Ludvig Gür, to create the documentary Pretending I’m a Superman. The documentary will track the skateboarding industry in the 90’s before it hit the mainstream with the X Games and more importantly, Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

Pretending I’m a Superman, will be premiering at the Mammoth Film Festival on February 29. Tony himself will be in attendance for a panel with Rodney Mullen and the filmmakers to talk about the film.

Can you please look at the name of the documentary? Superman. And before you think Tony is referring to himself as Superman (which he totally could) – I’ll tell you why it’s named that.. It’s because of Goldfinger’s song “Superman” which is an absolute staple in the original games soundtrack.

This is so bad ass, and the film has been in the works since 2016 and I had no idea. But.. this could be the start of getting us another Tony Hawk game. The world knows we need it. Once Tony and the gang sees the crazy support that this documentary will get, they’ll HAVE to make a game. I don’t think there is much of a choice. You can’t let your fans down, Tony. With us never getting Skate 4, this game is a must.

In the words of a drying up Spongebob, “I NEEEEEEED IT.”

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