Mongraal and BenjyFishy Say It’s Easy to Become a Fortnite Pro & That Fortnite is the Most Unprofessional Esport

When it comes to cash prizes, and the ability to make good coin, no other scene does that as good as Fortnite. You can try to qualify for World Cup, come up short, and still make a nice chunk of change. You can play random qualifiers or cash cup and walk away with a nice amount of dough. No other scene is as much money as Epic Games into every tier of competitive play. So yes, you can say there is a lot of opportunity.

Which brings me to Fortnite being the most unprofessional esport because of the opportunity the game provides. I see it, and I genuinely like that about Fortnite. And that’s coming from someone who won’t touch the game with a 10 foot pole. I see how these kids build and edit and have a fucking stroke. You don’t have to squad up everyday for years, and practice for hours to have a minuscule chance of making it. You grab the mechanics of Fortnite, and from there you master aspects of the game, and the rest is a bonus. No other esport gives you the opportunity that Fortnite does.

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