Nickmercs Said We Won’t Know About the Dr DisRespect Situation For 2 Months and My Heart Can’t Handle That, NICK

Doc this, Doc that, Doc everything flying around the internet skreets. I can’t take the speculation anymore, I have to fucking know. I can’t take two more months of this stress. It will drive me to drink (more). I thought we’d get information by now. Just a crumb. But nope. According to Nickmercs himself, we will know in TWO MONTHS. Here’s the clip.

I mean, that is nuts. But it goes to show you how sealed up this whole situation is. No one leaking it, no one dropping hints, it’s pretty much unheard of when it comes to the World Wide Web. Doc’s legal team must be DOGS.

Well, looks like i’ll get some sleep this month and get right back into sniffing around come August.

Chris P.

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