Call of Duty Community Waited Anxiously For Warzone News, All Day. And We Get a Tamagotchi Instead

Huge news buzzing today around Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale – Warzone. It has been chilling in our faces behind the locked gate of the “Classified” game mode on our home screen for a few weeks now. Granted, nothing regarding the news today was confirmed, but it just made sense. Reveal the BR today, and launch it on March 10th. But no. We got Tamagotchi’s instead with a playlist update.

I don’t even know what to say. I’m genuinely at a loss for words. I’m still gonna strap one to my Operator’s wrist, but I’m still pissed. This better not be the catalyst that turns Cod into Fortnite and start dropping more childish bs into it. But we will move on, and live another day waiting for a whiff of Warzone news. Until then, we’ll enjoy our “new” playlist update with the return of 3v3 and “new” 1v1 me bro variant, and a $10 fucking Tamagotchi.

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