Your PS4 is Recording Your Voice. Ya’ll Better Be Careful

Earlier today, update 8.00 was pushed to PlayStation 4. This update was meant to improve party chat and some other quality changes. People have been bitching about a bunch of issues, but that’s not what we’re here for… We are here for this message that you get greeted with when you update.

That’s right you little punks. PlayStation is recording your voice chat in parties and it can be moderated. This means you can be reported for saying fucked up stuff. Which means.. let’s practice being good people. Because you and I both know we’ve said some wild things in the PS4 party at 3 AM. While all should be good shooting the breeze with the boys, if you have randoms in there, you risk getting reported.

Does that mean stop having fun? No. Just stop saying stuff that you would never say to someone’s face. It’s literally that simple. We good. Carry on.

Chris P.

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