Marco Thinks Tomatoes Are Just as Good as Steaks And I Don’t Know What To Do About This

I’m just trying to enjoy my day yesterday. It’s a Friday Junior. Beers are cold in the fridge just waiting to be cracked. Podcast is about to go live. I’m doing my typical timeline scan to see if any news hits that we can talk about on the show, and what should pop up onto my screen but the most preposterous take I’ve ever read in my thirty three years on this earth:

I mean this is the most absurd thing ever written, right? Marco does a great job over here at WGG, and I know we don’t exactly “employ” or “pay” people, but this surely has to be a fireable offense? I have half a mind to tell him to write a written apology because I don’t think I’ve ever seen something this asinine.

Listen, you season some thick slabs of fresh tomato and cucumber and toss them in some Italian dressing, I’m eating that shit with a fork expeditiously. My mother used to have that on the table as a side dish all the time, so I completely understand the sentiment. Those tomatoes look delicious.


I know Marco is better than this. I feel like he has it in him to make things right. If he posts a video of him doing a blind taste test of a steak and a tomato, and honestly tells us what tastes better, maybe I’ll forgive him. Until that time, I’m gonna lose sleep over this.

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