EXCLUSIVE: Ultimate Rivals Exploring Spinoff With Fully Custom Characters, Teams

Per a very reliable source, Wicked Good Gaming can comfortably confirm that the Ultimate Rivals franchise (currently comprised of The Court in beta, and The Rink available now) could seriously be shaking up its IP in the future.

A source at Bit Fry Games confirmed to me just earlier today that the franchise is looking towards a “gameplay first, IP second” approach – with a spinoff potentially in the works that is entirely stripped of its licenses. The franchise famously boasts a colossal roster of athletes spanning every major sport on the planet.

What could this look like? I think these screenshots tell a pretty interesting story. The gameplay you know and love, but with a complete blank slate when it comes to characters.

“Project Shadowrealm” is currently in development, per our source, and seeks to capitalize on the addictive, fast-paced arcade gameplay that the Ultimate Rivals franchise has become known for… But without all the big names tied along with it.

Though the IP at first made headlines by smashing together some of the biggest athletes on earth on a singular playing field (or rink, or court), Bit Fry is willing to now hedge a bet that the gameplay can speak for itself – and that players will want to speak for themselves when it comes to what the game should look like in the future.

As for me, the first thing I’ve always done in games like NFL Street and NBA Street, was re-create my local playground or basketball court, and create custom rosters with all of my friends on the team. If Ultimate Rivals is moving towards a model like this in the future, I’m confident it’ll absolutely be a hit.

Ultimate Rivals: The Court arrives on PC, iOS, and consoles this year. You can sign up to access the free iOS beta right here.

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