PAX East 2022: Alchemy RPG is Here to Class Up Your D&D Campaign

It’s PAX East day three.

I’m sitting here in the Westin lobby, grabbing a couple of drinks and listening to someone drone on about how nuclear winter on this planet is inevitable. Some things about PAX are great, some aren’t. What can I say.

What I found was Alchemy – AKA Alchemy RPG. Alchemy is a part D&D Beyond, part Roll20, part homebrew D&D wiki that lets users immortalize and share their tabletop worlds, characters, stories, and more in the most visually appealing and immersive way I’ve seen yet.

One of the great things about PAX this weekend was a tabletop RPG platform that completely took me by surprise. I was strolling by the tabletop area and happened to see a cool-looking logo, so I stopped to see what it was all about. The beauty of PAX is that things happen that way sometimes.

If you’re already familiar with the platforms I’ve mentioned above, the concept of Alchemy is pretty simple to grasp. Users can tell immersive stories digitally with beautiful environmental motion art, scene-based music and seamless character management that keeps the game going.

Inside the platform (which I’m already diving headfirst into), users can create stat blocks for characters, items, and more – all while fleshing out the world they share with the players at their table whether that’s digital or hybrid or otherwise. The platform also seems equipped to cater to those who wish to stream their sessions and create live play content live from the table and keep the audience engaged.

Alchemy is available to start using for free right now, and also has a limited number of Founders licenses available that will grant members exclusive content and discounts. More details are available at right now.

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