Digimon Fans Have Quite Possibly Created the Coolest Game Project I’ve Ever Seen

Last weekend, a friend of mine introduced me to what’s possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen done in a fan made game. Using a device I’ve never seen before. He plugged in one of those old Digimon, the Tamagotchi-esque virtual pets to his PC. Then, he transferred it to an MMO known as “w0rld”. With a spare Digimon V-Pet in his possession, he handed it to me, told me where to get this mystical device, then sent me on my way. Like a gift from god, I became intensely curious as to its function and how this project works.

Roughly two years ago an indie dev decided to take an existing project known as Digimon 0NL1NE, a fairly new system to take your Digimon V-Pets from those tiny bricks to your PC, and make what’s probably every Digimon fan’s dream. An MMO where you can bring those tiny Tamogachi like pets from your device, to an online interactive world filled with thousands of other players and back again. 

Imagine Taking This Guy from your Pocket to a Full Scale MMO

What lead dev Cameron Znojemsky has created is something that seems out of a childhood fairy tale. Using another fan made invention known as a D-Com or it’s counterpart an A-Com, fans who still have those virtual pets lying around can jack in to their PC’s and upload their own Digimon from the toy to this fan made MMO simply known as w0rld. 

If you don’t have one and you want to join in on the fun, don’t fret! A recent re-release of the original Digimon V-Pet run has been circulating all over local Walmarts and Amazon shopping lists for around $20 each.

Using a D-Com, players can send their hard trained Digimon V-Pet to an impressive fan-made MMO or even battle between each other online.

Since the entire MMO revolves around having a Digimon, if you don’t have a V-Pet and a D-Com or its equivalent, your access to the game’s features will be extremely limited. Part of the fun is raising your Digimon on the go, plugging that beast into your PC and doing quests and virtual battles with your friends in w0rld.

The MMO itself is complete with quests, dungeons, online battles, crafting, and more. It’s fairly simple in its control scheme as you interact with things by clicking on them and move with either WASD or the arrow keys around the world. Players logging in for the first time, will find themselves in a familiar starting zone. If you played the original Digimon World games on PS1, you’ll be right at home.

DigitalDream09 on YouTube has a very informative video on how the general process works.

I’m personally excited to see how deep this MMO goes and how far this project comes along. If you’re interested in this project and taking part, you can join their discord here.


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  • Tyler Flores

    Sending some love from the discord
    Awesome article
    Currently waiting for my A-Com to arrive so I can play with my 2 DMX ver 1’s, my new DMX2 ver 2, and a DM20th

    XD too many mon’s to keep up with


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