RUMOR: The Coalition Could Be Working On An Upcoming Star Wars Title

If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of Mr. Jeff Grubb. He’s an absolute legend when it comes to gaming journalism, and a certified stud muffin when it comes to hair.

Jeff’s got a pretty great track record when it comes to rumors, so when he speaks – people tend to listen. And, just one minute into his Game Mess podcast that went live earlier this week, Jeff had a couple potential updates for future Star Wars video games.

In case you’re too lazy to click that link, Jeff basically says that he’s heard Lucasfilm Games is making “a lot of deals for Star Wars games” and “putting a lot of stuff into action” not just with Electronic Arts, but with other partners across the industry.

He also briefly touches on Microsoft potentially having an upcoming title, and says he’s not sure if it’s based on The Mandalorian or not (this is not a rumor that I’m familiar with, but it’d be cool as fuck). He also mentioned that there were rumors about Microsoft putting a bunch of Star Wars games onto Game Pass for May 4th, which didn’t end up happening.

The most intriguing part of this video for me, however, comes later on around the 31-minute mark during his Q&A segment. A commenter on a previous video says “We don’t need another Gears, I think they [The Coalition] need to work on a new IP”. Jeff responded with this:

[The] Gears studio The Coalition is busy. They are working on Halo, they are helping with Halo Infinite. That is one of the big projects that Coalition is contributing to in a major way. The Coalition is also of course making the next Gears game… But the Coalition is also working on a third thing, and it likely is a new IP. Now, I’ve heard rumors that it could be a Star Wars thing from out of The Coalition, but I haven’t been able to confirm that.

Jeff Grubb, Star Wars Games, Battlefield 2021, PlayStation + Discord | The Game Mess Show

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

I love The Coalition, and I’d love to see them take on another AAA franchise like Star Wars. Would this be too much on their plate knowing they’re also helping out with Halo Infinite? Maybe. But this doesn’t mean this Star Wars gaming is coming this, or even next, year.

For now we’ll just keep our fingers crossed, and stay confident that Lucasfilm Games has some absolute heat coming for us real soon, whether its with The Coalition, EA, or someone else entirely.

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