NACON Rig’s New Dual Wireless Headsets Are Compatible With All Platforms, Arrive Next Month

NACON has unveiled its first dual wireless headsets, and they’re dropping next month. Aside from being pretty damn sleek looking, I think it’s pretty unreal that they’re compatible with any platform you choose to use them with. Gone are the days of buying a headset specifically for PS5, Xbox, PC, or any combination of two but not the third – NACON is solving that problem hopefully for good with the RIG 600 PRO Series.

The 600 Pro Series supports PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Steam Deck, and Mobile – and features a “chat-optimized microphone”. There are two different models, one of which is officially Xbox-licensed and supports Dolby Atmos as long as you connect it to a compatible PC or Xbox via USB-C. The headset’s battery is also pretty wild, boasting up to a 24-hour Bluetooth battery life, and up to 18-hour 2.4GHz battery life.

The headsets release on September 18th and will run you $99.99, which seems like pretty short change considering the audio quality NACON Rig is boasting about for these beauties. We haven’t had our hands on these yet, but are hoping to change that ahead of the release date so we can get you some deeper impressions as to just how impressive the new NACON Rig headsets are.

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