The Pokémon Center Did Not Need To Post This Angle of Their New Wigglet Plush

In case you’re unfamiliar with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s new creatures, Wigglet is a Water-type regional version of the iconic Gen 1 Pokémon, Digglet.

One other thing you might not be familiar with, is that The Pokémon Company sells plush versions of basically every creature in the Pokédex. And something I KNOW (at least I hope to God) you don’t want to be familiar with, is that the photographer of this new Wigglet plush clearly had a hidden agenda when posting these pictures.

What the fuck? Someone needs an ice bath and to be thrown UNDERNEATH the horny jail for this. That may not be enough. If there’s an equivalent of a horny supermax, they gotta get shipped off and locked up. In fact, whatever the version of horny Guantanamo Bay is – that’s where they’ve gotta be headed.

I’m not entirely sure how else you could’ve photographed this plush toy, but for Christ’s sake did we really need to list the length of the damn thing too?

Good lord almighty.

Papa Dom

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