Baldur’s Gate 3 Voice Actor Reads Mean Tweets About Her Character, While in Character

If you’ve listened to the podcast in any capacity recently, or if you’ve spoken to me in person at all – then you know I’ve been absolutely glued to my PC at home for the last couple of weeks, unable to pry myself away from Baldur’s Gate 3 no matter how hard I try (honestly I am not trying at all).

One of my favorite characters in the game so far is the first companion you encounter – Lae’zel. The Githyanki Fighter is frequently prickly and tough to get along with initially, and harbors a deep mistrust of… Well… Pretty much everyone from right out the gate. Hers is an alliance of convenience with the majority of the party (as well as your own character), until you start breaking down her barriers a bit more and uncover more about what really makes her tick.

It would seem, however, that a few players haven’t really given her a chance. There’s a handful of not-so-nice tweets out there about Lae’zel, and her voice actor – Devora Wilde – has brought them to life so we can hear exactly what Lae’zel herself thinks about these insults.

This is pretty amazing, and I absolutely love when actors stick with their characters after the role is done to continue engaging with fans… And in this case, non-fans. GamesRadar described Lae’zel as Baldur’s Gate 3’s “least popular companion”, which I think is a complete crock of shit. It’s actually criminally easy to skim past a lot of her best story material (especially if you proceed into Act 2 without probing further into her personal missions), so I don’t blame most people for writing her off. My barbarian and I, however, found her constant aggression amusing, and the romance and continued friendship arc is actually one of the more fulfilling I’ve experienced in RPGs like this.

No matter how you feel about Lae’zel, I’m here to tell you that she kicks ass, and you should give her another chance. If you don’t believe me, just ask Devora Wilde yourself, and she’ll give you a piece of the Githyanki’s mind.

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