Modern Warfare Will Get Call of Duty League Team Skins and Items

Activision Blizzard has announced they will be bringing Call of Duty League home and away skins, camos, operators, calling cards and more, of all 12 teams in the CDL to Modern Warfare. Looks like you’ll be able to rip some COD while supporting your favorite CDL team. These will be available on January 24 under the Franchise Store Tab in the Modern Warfare Store.

Photos courtesy of CharlieIntel

I think this is a phenomenal move for the game and for the Call of Duty League as a whole. There is already so much hype around the CDL, and this could get the more casual players eyes on the action. In a bunch of instances of competitive gaming, pretty much the only way you can support your favorite teams is through purchasing merch. But this isn’t the only way anymore. These skins, and camos will 100% not be free – and who knows how much will go to these teams. I’m assuming some sort of cut will be made. The last time we got official esport weapon skins in Call of Duty, was COD WWII. The perfect time is with this title and league.

And before the COD haters jump in and bitch and moan microtransactions – you don’t have to buy them. They’re optional if you want to support the teams. Just like buying jerseys of your favorite traditional sport players. Rep your city if you have a team. Or don’t. Doesn’t change the game.

I’ll update more as more info becomes available.

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