Fortnite is the Best Multiplayer Star Wars Game We Have Right Now

Search your feelings, you know it to be true. Fortnite is the best (consistently updated) multiplayer Star Wars game we have right now.

During its May the 4th event (which is still ongoing for the next week), players have been able to duke it out with numerous iconic lightsabers, the Galactic Empire’s signature E-11 blaster (which absolutely shreds) and rub elbows with Stormtroopers at Imperial checkpoints throughout the island.

What’s more, is that Fortnite’s in-game store is currently absolutely packed with Star Wars character skins, weapons, and emotes – from Boba Fest, to your classic Stormtrooper, to Finn and Rey and more from the Sequel Trilogy. Oh, and they’re also teasing the upcoming arrival of Obi-Wan Kenobi to the game.

I know there’s like a dozen new Star Wars games coming in the next year or two, maybe even more. I understand that the Battlefront team couldn’t keep up their free gravy train for latecomer fans forever – all the credit to them in the world for keeping that game updated as long as they did. The fact of the matter is, though, that Fortnite’s handling of these characters, items, and even story moments (ahem, Rise of Skywalker) have been with nothing short of the utmost care and reverence. I can name you a bunch of other devs who’ve fallen short in all of those departments in the past.

At this point, I can’t help but wonder why Epic doesn’t have their own Star Wars license to do with as they please. They aren’t overthinking it, they’re just giving these characters the same “dump all your action figures in the middle of the living room and let them duke it out” treatment that they’ve done with countless other iconic film, television, and video game characters who’ve appeared in the game.

Yes, we do need a real, live-service Star Wars multiplayer game (I think that’s what we’ll get from Ubisoft), but until then… It’s no use trying to fight it anymore. Fortnite’s the closest thing we’ve got to that – and it’s a blast.

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