‘I Don’t Like The Direction God of War Is Going At All’ – David Scott Jaffe Weighs In On Current State of Kratos

In a new 7+ minute video clip from the most recent episode of his live-streamed series “Gabbin + Games”, God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Scott Jaffe has once again weighed in on the current state of the God of War franchise, and even goes so far as to say that the most recent adventure we’ve embarked upon as Kratos (God of War: Ragnarok) is “not God of War”.

These sentiments are not the first time Jaffe has offered criticism of the series he helped to create, but are a recurring topic of conversation it seems pretty much any time he’s in front of a mic or camera. Jaffe has not worked on the God of War series since God of War II in 2007, inarguably his last great title. Jaffe has most recently directed Drawn to Death on PS4 back in 2017, preceded by Twisted Metal‘s 2012 PS3 reboot, and a PS2 port of Twisted Metal: Head On in 2008 before that. Head On was a PSP exclusive prior, and I thought it fuckin ruled.

These most recent comments have been going viral at the time of writing on Twitter (I’m not calling it X because that is, and will always be, extremely dumb). The tweet currently has 1.4M views and hundreds of replies and quote retweets.

No matter how you feel about Jaffe’s comments on God of War, Metroid Dread, or anything else really – you can’t really discredit the guy at all for having heartfelt opinions on a character and setting he played such a massive part in creating. I’m likely never gonna create a legendary, AAA video game franchise… So the closest thing I can relate to is creating a character in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and having him live on as an NPC while someone else is DMing. What they do with that character better be good (looking at you, Conor), or I’m flipping the table over and making a scene. Luckily, I know that my characters will always be treated with care and respect and we won’t ever have a situation like that.

There’s lots of weirdly aggressive replies to that original tweet, but I think there’s lots of value in making sure that people who helped build iconic franchises that still exist in gaming today like David Jaffe continue to lend their voices and opinions to the current state of the medium we love.

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