Mad Bells Week Ending 5/9: Self-Governance

Welcome back to Mad Bells folks. We’re still diversifying our Turnip portfolios, growing those money trees, and working tirelessly to make you some money during these uncertain times. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

The Importance of Discipline

In last week’s column, I made you all aware of some serious inflation in the form of tipping when it comes to visiting remote islands. This “tip gouging” situation has not gotten any better week over week, and some folks are demanding HUNDREDS of thousands of Bells per trip for people who want to sell their turnips.

I’m here to tell you once again NOT to even consider this, and to come up with ground rules for yourself so you know what you are and are not getting yourself into every week. This is what my routine looks like:

Sunday mornings:

  • Store everything in my pockets in my home inventory
  • Withdraw 4-500,000 Bells from the ABD
  • Buy 3,900 Turnips from Daisy, which gives me 39 stacks of 100 turnips, as well as one free inventory spot (this allows me to make sure I only need to make one trip)

During the week:

  • Check WarpWorld’s Discord, Twitter, and the other Discord servers I’m in to find the best prices.
  • In the meantime, make sure my inventory has all of my Turnips, and 2-5 NMTs in the 40th slot.
  • I usually position my villager right in the seat at the airport for when a Dodo Code comes along

Finally, let’s take a look at the island results:

Dom – Rangoon Island

This was a quick week, and I chalk this up to my personal impatience when my own island’s bells sit at 48-68 per week and never get higher than 150. I had a right place/right time moment on Discord, saw an island buying for just over 500, and struck. Not my biggest haul, but I’m happy with the payout-to-effort ratio.

Chris – Pen Island

Sat this week out 🙁

The key to success is consistency, and I personally am completely fine with making a little bit less per week if that means a perfectly smooth, consistent transaction. You might say “well, others are working harder and making more”, but my reply to you would be that I’m pulling in 2-4 million Bells per week doing this (more than I’ll ever need to do anything in this game), and minimizing my own stress… So who’s the real winner here?

Papa Dom

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