Legion Finally Released Class Mounts Aaaaand I Guess I Gotta Resub Now

Class Mounts have arrived, so it’s time for you to take ownership of your new favorite mount. Your Class Mount is testament to the bravery and courage you’ve shown throughout this perilous campaign on the Broken Shore. -WoW Blog

Today, Blizzard finally decided to launch Class Mounts – a feature we’ve been waiting for in the Legion expansion for quite some time. To claim your mount, first you’ve gotta complete the achievement ‘Breaching the Tomb’, on the Broken Shore, then head back to your Class Hall and scoop it up. You can head up to the link I… Well… Linked, up above (WoW Blog) to see all the different mounts. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go see about a raven.

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