Is Fortnite x SpongeBob Coming? Fortnite Season 3 Leak

First, random puddles popping up around the map

And then, updated animations for swimming underwater

And now, the PlayStation store updating Fortnite’s icon to this

It can all only point to one thing… We’re going to Bikini Bottom baby. Let me zoom in on the icon for you.

If those aren’t the palm trees from SpongeBob I don’t know what is. It’s just flipped. As someone who isn’t going to play Fortnite for the rest of their life, I still think this would be awesome. Being able to play as Squidward, or Patrick, fuck maybe even Bubble Bass. Now that would be hilarious. All the SpongeBob characters would be perfect in the game. And it’s another huge license that Fortnite would have scored.

And I don’t want to hear that they are catering to only kids. SpongeBob is a mature ass show. They have a fucking pantie-raid. That’s not for kids. This is for the adults.

At the very least it looks like Fortnite is announcing some kind of flood? But if it’s not bringing good ol’ Bob into the game then….

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