Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Weapon Crafting System.. What is it?

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare released a ballsy feature, weapon crafting. Weapon crafting system huh? I’m having mixed emotions about this. Infinite Warfare is going to be putting prototypes for each weapon and they can fall within 4 categories. Common, rare, legendary, and epic. Depending on the rarity of the prototype, the determines the set of perks you get. For an example that was shown in the trailer, a tactical nuke is going to be offered for one of the prototypes. I’m guessing epic. I’m pretty jazzed that the tactical nuke it back. There was no better way to show how big your dick was than getting a tactical nuke, watching the wheel dwindle down, and watch everyone button clash to leave the game.

If you don’t want these prototypes, this is where weapon crafting comes into play. And you can build your own. You can build these prototypes using salvage which is acquired by putting in the necessary hours that it takes to be disgusting. Sit on that chair for 14 hours a day baby, do you. Get that salvage. Build those prototypes, FBGM, etc.. I just hope that there isn’t a way to buy prototypes, and people actually put in the hours to earn them. There is nothing worse than someone who buys their way into being good at anything. That’s like watching a YouTube video on how to have sex. Yea of course you’re going to get better at it but you’re still┬áloser. Did that make sense? Absolutely fucking not. So don’t buy salvage if that is an option.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare weapon crafting system? First impression, it’ a B-. What do you think about this feature? Do you think it’ll stink? Or be the bees knees. @WickedGoodGames on Twitter B.

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