Canceled Metallica Video Game Shown for the First Time

Once upon a time there was a Metallica video game in the works, but it was never released. And I’m not talking about Guitar Hero Metallica, I’m talking about Damage Inc. This game was designed to have a GTA feel but was supposed to have a concentration on vehicle to vehicle combat. All cars in the game were armed with a machine gun and rocket launcher.

According to the video, an attempt was made to revive Damage Inc. for PSP, but this never materialized.


Below is a video of Metallica’s video game. Keep in mind this was an incomplete test of the game.

Before I rant: I realize that the game was incomplete in this video.

Ok now that we both watched it. I would have never played this game. No offence Metallica. Your music is awesome and I will listen to it until the beer runs out but I wouldn’t have played your video game. I love the idea though. Bad ass rock band, make a bad ass video game. Only thing missing is the bad ass video game. It was such a tough time to try to release a video game like this one on PS2. You have arguably the best two Grand Theft Autos- Vice City and San Andreas, Metal Gear Solid.. I mean come on. Those are tough shoes to fill. A for effort.

If I was to throw a compliment or two out I would compliment the graphics in the game. For a PS2 game the graphics aren’t bad at all. The shadows were there, dust flying from the ground.. I mean it’s not great, but it could have been a lot worse. I feel like VU should have released the game anyway just so Metallica die hard fans could have bought this game and made them a few bucks. But hey, VU canceled a million Crash Bandicoot games so you can’t be surprised.


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