Esports Gambling is Back For ESL Pro League and My Body is Ready

The Nevada Gaming Control Board approved gambling on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive during ESL Pro League Season 11 NA. You can bet on head to head winner, winner of each match, and overall season winner.


It only makes sense. The bookmakers need their money too, and with no traditional sports on TV they’re probably twiddling their thumbs eating Celeste pizzas just like me. This is the first domino to fall too. Before you know it bookmakers will be taking action on all esports and everything will be right in the world. Not more running around trying to find a site that takes esports action and only pays you out in Bitcoin. Esports gambling is pretty much free money. It’ll be beautiful. And there’s matches every day, the fun will never stop.

I’m ready to lose the shirt off my back or win all the money in the world and love every second of it. I heard we’re getting a free $1200 – not saying that i’m going to spend it all on the tail end of ESL. That’s irresponsible I would never do that. I’m just saying I’d be able to turn it into a few extra G’s if I did. But I would never. *wink*

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