He’s Back: Chris Metzen Returns To Blizzard As Warcraft Creative Advisor

One of Azeroth’s founding fathers is returning to Blizzard.

Six years after announcing his retirement, and two years after co-founding the tabletop gaming house Warchief Gaming, Chris Metzen has returned to the Warcraft Leadership team as a creative advisor. Here’s the full release from Warcraft’s GM, John Hight.

He's BACK!

This is phenomenal news for a game that is already doing everything right at the moment. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is a new pinnacle for the legendary MMO, and now one of the most instrumental figures in bringing it to life in the first place is back in the fold.

There aren’t any further details at this time, nor has Metzen made a statement himself, but it’s clear that he never really left Azeroth. His past few tweets have been singing Dragonflight’s praises, and this is all while behind the scenes he was likely waiting for the ink to dry on his new Blizzard contract.

As I said in one of the very first blogs for this website: “[Chris Metzen] has inspired me (and I’m sure a world’s worth of other people) to become better storytellers, dungeon masters, gamers, and fans. Metzen has helped to shape the lore of some of the world’s most successful video game franchises, and has helped to captivate the imaginations of millions upon millions of fans around the world.” Those sentiments still ring true, and I’m so happy to see him return to the Warcraft team.

Welcome back, Chris (can I call you Chris?) – it’s great to see you again.

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