Todd Howard Says We’re Getting More Bethesda Mobile Games, Here’s What I Want

When Todd Howard announced Fallout Shelter, I jumped out of my chair. I couldn’t believe I’d be playing a mobile Fallout game – and shit it was downloadable like RIGHT then and there! Of course, like with all mobile games, I quickly lost interest and uninstalled it – but Fallout Shelter was insanely successful across the board. In an interview with GameSpot, Howard said the game had more than 50 million registered players around one year after launching, and reports have stated that Fallout Shelter has made Bethesda millions of dollars from microtransactions.

All of that’s fine and good, and Todd’s already told us that he’s planning on bringing more Bethesda mobile games out, and they actually opened up a whole new office in Montreal to focus on mobile gaming  – so you know whatever comes out isn’t gonna be some cheap knockoff experience to cash in on the fans. Here’s what I want from the next Bethesda mobile game:

An Elder Scrolls crafting app.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 3.02.26 PM
This is my 800th pair of Rawhide Boots this month. I feel like an elf in Santa’s workshop, not a hero.

Yes. I said it. I’m fucking addicted to crafting in Elder Scrolls Online, but the amount of time needed to level up one’s skills, hunt for resources, and research traits to craft new recipes is absolutely overwhelming. My alt character hasn’t even passed level 10 yet because I’ve spent half his virtual goddamn life hunched over a clothier’s table and blacksmithing anvil. The fucking guy’s gonna get atrophy in his legs from sitting at an alchemy table for 100 hours while every other adventurer in Tamriel is out smiting demons and saving the world.

Bethesda has the ability to change all of that with the launch of an Elder Scrolls mobile app. Let me initiate research projects on new recipe traits right from my phone, let me play little mini-games to hunt for resources so I don’t have to waste precious real game-time doing it, and let me fulfill crafting writs right from my phone and post them to the in-game auction house. This is immersion like you read about, and if Bethesda includes micro transactions to speed up crafting or research? That’s a license to print money right there.

Whether this applies to Elder Scrolls Online, or whatever TES game comes next, I want it… Nay… I need it in my life. Todd Howard, if you’re reading this – make it so. Please. My adventurer’s atrophied knees beg for relief. While you’re at it, keep up with us on Twitter and subscribe to the podcast!

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