Gendry Is Maybe Probably Almost Definitely Back This Season, Get Hype

The second sighting at the airport today is more exciting: Joe Dempsie, who played Gendry for the first three seasons of Game of Thrones. The fan spotted him and snapped a photo of the actor. -Watchers on the Wall

Get fucking HYPE. According to Game of Thrones fan site Watchers on the Wall, Joe Dempsie – actor for Robert Baratheon’s sole remaining bastard Gendry – was spotted in a Belfast airport recently. Now, this could just mean that Dempsie was on a leisurely vacation to Ireland, but I think we all know what it really means. Gendry is possibly maybe probably definitely coming back for Game of Thrones’ seventh season.

Look at you, you sly devil.

Who is Gendry? Well my fine feathered casual friend, as I mentioned above, he’s the only surviving heir to the Baratheon bloodline remaining (in the show’s continuity, anyway *pushes up glasses, hits inhaler*). You may remember Ned Stark going to visit him at the master armorer Tobho Mott’s shop in King’s Landing, after hearing rumors that one of Robert’s bastards was still in the city. Ned studied Gendry, noticed his diesel frame, manly brown hair, and striking blue eyes, and knew the rumors were true.

A few seasons and a whole lot of Baratheon deaths later, we see Gendry in the company of Davos Seaworth, who urges him to row far, far away from Melisandre – who intends to sacrifice him in order to use his “King’s Blood” to grant fortune to his good uncle Stannis. Gendry does just that, flees Dragonstone, and we haven’t seen him since. So – where has Gendry been, and what role is he to play in the upcoming season (if at all)? To find the answers, simply look to Gendry’s resume.

As I previously noted, Gendry was an apprentice to Tobho Mott in his shop in King’s Landing. Mott claims to be the finest smith in the Seven Kingdoms, which is probably true – since his shop looms atop the Street of Steel, which is where all of the other armor and weapon shops are. So either Mott is a master real estate mogul, or he really is the best smith in the game.

So what does this have to do with Gendry, and what’s his role gonna be? A few miles north of wherever Gendry is, a certain King in the North is preparing for a war against the Night’s King, and if he’s gonna win, he’s gonna need a few things.

1.) A maester who knows a whole hell of a lot about the enemy.

2.) A smith who can make valyrian steel weaponry.

Number one is easily fulfilled, as we know Samwell Tarly has recently arrived in Oldtown to study the higher mysteries and become Jon’s Maester. Sam’s got knowledge of Dragonglass (AKA Valyrian Steel), and knows how to kill The White Walkers. And as for number two, there is only one living man who we know is able to forge and re-work Valyrian Steel, and that’s Tobho Mott (he reforged Ned Stark’s blade into two swords for the Lannister’s, one of which is held by Brienne). But since Tobho Mott is in King’s Landing… That leaves one other person who Mott could’ve possibly imparted the knowledge onto, his apprentice, and who’s that?



Yep. That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it. Gendry’s rowed all the way to Oldtown, and he’s gonna link up with Sam the motherfucking Slayer and work with the White Wolf himself to equip the whole North with Valyrian Steel weaponry to annihilate the White Walkers. Tell your friends, and remember Papa Dom predicted the future. I’m calling it now, don’t @ me.

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