Metal Gear Survive Gameplay Trailer- Looks Awful


As I sit here eating a left over cannoli and this cup of mediocre coffee, I came across the new Metal Gear Survive trailer. I want to start this off by saying this game looks trash and I will not be purchasing it. Why the fuck does Metal Gear have zombies in their game? Stick to what you know. It’s like going to a Chinese restaurant for Chicken Alfredo. Come on Konami. I feel as if this game wouldn’t be half bad if it wasn’t a Metal Gear game.. Know what I mean?

And it seems that I am not the only one that feels this way.. If you take a look at IGN’s video on Youtube. You will see that people are looking their God damn minds over this trailer. “They played us like a damn fiddle”, “Is this a joke”. These fans are visibly distraught behind their keyboards.

new metal gear survive trailer

I guess if there was any silver lining to this shit storm of a game, it would be that it is only going to be $30. Which is the same price as a 30 pack of Bud Larry’s and a couple nips of tequila over here in Boston. I know what I am going to spend that $30 on, and hint.. It is not Metal Gear Survive.


metal gear survive new trailer

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